Pleasures Forevermore

How delightful this world is! At least it was meant to be. God virtually crammed His creation with various pleasures. However not all pleasures are for the Christian. How can we know God's will in this?

This book lays few hard and fast rules about what you may and may not do. It gently points out a variety of pleasures, however, and asks the question you should ask yourself—am I honoring God in this?

Reportedly, a visitor found the Apostle John relaxing as he played with a partridge. John pointed out that constant tension in our lives is not good.

Many times, simple pleasures are the best. David the shepherd boy, for instance, didn’t need high-tech hunting equipment with which to kill a lion and a bear.

Someday we shall see God. We look forward to pleasures forevermore with Him.

Today God sees us. Does He see us pursuing pleasures that draw us closer to Him and to eternal bliss?

“At thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”


David L. Martin
Lamp and Light

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