Jesus' Love Letters to His Bride

Session 2 of a 10 part series on "The Revelation of Jesus Christ".

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  1. The Nature of Jesus Christ Revealed
    J. Elvin Horst
  2. Jesus' Love Letters to His Bride
    J. Elvin Horst
  3. A Glimpse of Heaven
    J. Elvin Horst
  4. The Great Tribulation
    J. Elvin Horst
  5. The Rise, Reign, and Ruin of the Unholy Trinity
    J. Elvin Horst
  6. More Details - from the Revelation of Jesus Christ
    J. Elvin Horst
  7. Mystery, Babylon the Great
    J. Elvin Horst
  8. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb & the Great White Throne Judgement
    J. Elvin Horst
  9. The Thousand Year Reign of Christ
    J. Elvin Horst
  10. New Jerusalem, the Prepared City
    J. Elvin Horst

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Main Points:

  1. The Various Applications of the Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia
    1. There is an historical application.
    2. There is a prophetical application.
    3. There is a personal application.
    4. There is a congregational application.
  2. The Ephesus Letter
    1. Rebuked for losing their first love.
    2. Called to revive their first works.
  3. The Smyrna Letter
    1. They would have ten days of tribulation.
    2. "Be faithful unto death."
    3. Jesus gave warning to those who professed to be Jews and were not.
  4. The Pergamus Letter
    1. Jesus reveals where Satan's seat was.
    2. Jesus reveals where Satan's dwelling was.
    3. Jesus declares some believed the doctrine of Balaam.
    4. Some held to the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes.
  5. The Thyatira Letter
    1. Jesus reveals Jezebel's teaching and seducing influence.
    2. Jesus reveals the depths of Satan.
  6. The Sardis Letter
    1. Admonished to be watchful, strengthening the things that remain.
    2. Jesus gives recognition to a few who were not defiled.
  7. The Philadelphia Letter
    1. This church was given an open door which could be shut by no man.
    2. Promised to be kept from the hour of universal temptation.
    3. Prepared for His second coming.
  8. The Laodicia Letter
    1. This church was reproved for being lukewarm.
    2. Jesus promised that those who open the door to Him and are overcomers will sit down with Him in His throne.

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