Broken Solutions

Is this sign offering true hope to victims of broken homes? Can a broken solution fix a something that is broken?


Take a close look at the little boy in the above picture. Cute isn’t he? Nestled there in the “parent’s” arms, he looks secure and content.

What do we know about this lad?

On the positive side, we know there is only one of him in the whole world. We know he was created by a Creator who has infinite resources and creativity and yet follows laws and is predictable. When He creates a little boy, the boy doesn’t look like a frog or a goat. He looks like a little boy. When a mudslide happens or a tornado strikes, the outcome is totally random. There is no order when it is finished. But when a little boy is made, he has two eyes, two ears, one nose, etc. He looks exactly like a little boy.

Interestingly, science tells us there is no one in the whole world of more than 8 billion people who has the exact same DNA as he does. When he leaves some of his biological cells behind, he can be traced, identified, and singled out of millions of other people. Each cell of his body declares his identity and his gender. No one else has his personality, nor is he any other person. Even if he has an identical twin, he will always be his own person with his own preferences, wishes, and choices.

So we know he is uniquely created by someone who has invested more into him than anyone else in the whole universe has or can invest in him.

But we also know there are some things tragically wrong.

The sign implies he needs a home. It doesn’t say why, but something needs recovery. That isn’t too surprising considering the way our Creator’s enemy, Satan has been at work breaking God’s laws and wreaking havoc. Is it drugs? Is it a situation of an unwed mother? Is it divorce and remarriage? Was it a drunken driver that killed a happy couple and left a little orphan? We don’t know. The author of this little treatise did write to the organization with questions about the story behind the sign but has received no answer.

We also know he isn’t being raised by his mother. That’s right, if you look at the picture of the rescuing home situation, it isn’t a mother and a father. It pictures two men.

Now the enemy of our Creator is trying to change our Creator’s laws and make his own. We live in an era where we are supposed to believe two men or two women can marry and make a home and “recover” children.

Thankfully our Creator has given us a book that He says is His Word and is the guide for our life. It plainly teaches the home is built upon the foundation of one man and woman coming together in a life-long relationship of commitment. A valid, God-blessed home may have their own children naturally or may adopt children and have God’s blessing. But all other arrangements are broken. Moreover, on the authority of the Bible, we know counterfeit arrangements stir up the anger of Almighty God! Read Romans 1 and 2 in the Bible. According to these verses (among many others), if the little boy is leaving a broken home and going into this arrangement, he is going to be served and affected by another arrangement that does not have the Creator’s blessing.

Here’s our question. Is this sign offering true hope to victims of broken homes? Can a broken solution fix a something that is broken?

What can you and I do about it? That is a question we wrestle with. When this lad grows up in a situation that he has no control over or choice in, who will help him find his Creator’s will for his life? Who will help these “parents” come to repentance and find their Creator’s favor?

Another sobering question, “How soon will the wrath of the Almighty be poured out on our society for transgressions like this?”

Let us pray and fast to discover God’s power to reach out in love to recover those who are victims of broken solutions.

Stephen Ebersole
Pilgrim Mennonite Conference

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