Soul Control Through Rock 'n' Roll

Do you think your soul is affected by listening to Rock 'n' Roll? This poem is one author's vivid insights into ways that Satan uses Rock 'n' Roll to control souls.

In shadows dense, a circle forms around a darkened figure
Whose cruel eyes gleam with a plot of subtlety and rigor.

This being once knew heaven’s best, but overcome with pride
Was then expelled because he said, “I’ll be like the Most High.”

Now to his demons Satan speaks, his voice intense with hatred,
“I have a plan that will destroy what God ordained as sacred.

But first mankind must be convinced to wholly sell his soul,
I have the vice that will entice, we’ll name it Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Unprecedented in it’s reach, unhindered in it’s course,
It will prevail around the world, destruction is it’s force.

The words will speak of mystic arts, rebellion, death, perversion,
Hatred, lust—they’ll all be part of one great mass subversion.

It’s music will have equal power, strains which oft repeat,
Sometimes ‘twill come in mellow form, sometimes with driving beat.

And thus we’ll smother wholesome thoughts with rhythms loud and pounding,
Thereby we’ll gain full-mind control with progress quite astounding.

We’ll stifle guilt, in homes sow strife, send Christian ethics reeling,
Free love, drugs, and alcohol will seem much more appealing.

There are right now some young who will sell out at any cost,
I’ll make them rich, and give them fame, but I will be their boss.

They’ll draw the masses, sing my songs, and introduce my ways:
The body movements, make-up, lights, the flames and smoky haze,

The screaming guitars, drinking blood, the ‘signing’, and much more,
Will crush the senses, rape the souls of young folks by the scores.

Then suicidal, murder demons, go in strength to reap
The lives of dazed and driven young, and lay them at my feet!

I will as yet through Rock ‘n’ Roll gain worship and control,
And even take from God those whom He says are in His fold.

Our strategies won’t need to change, nor even will our style,
To get the church-folk we’ll just paint a new face with a smile.

We’ll keep it’s structure flexible, but all will have my blessing,
We’ll use a method smooth that will keep napping Christians guessing.

But first some groundwork we must lay by raising up some idols
Who will with smiling faces quote some verses from their Bibles.

We’ll lure with wealth, sidetrack with fame, this method seldom fails
In changing goals from winning souls to boosting CD sales.

Contemporary they’ll first sing, and then with bait in tow,
We’ll sway the minds and change the hearts with ‘Christian Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

We’ll use it like a drug that will grip young lives with addiction,
And many peaceful homes will be destroyed because of friction.

Some parents will oppose the young, with God stand for awhile,
But many will then compromise, and say, ‘It’s just their style.’

The pastors will let down their guard, they’ll want to keep their people;
With force we’ll make a hit on those who cry out, ‘No, it’s evil!’

We’ll blind the eyes so most won’t know that I ordained all Rock,
And with this mighty tool,” he hisses, “I’ll Jehovah mock!”

And thus was born the industry of selling God’s salvation;
“It’s free to all,” they sing with gusto, “there’s no obligation.”

But then they post folks at the doors of concerts who will say,
“I’m here to make sure that you don’t come in before you pay.”

And once inside, they hear of love, of Jesus, and salvation,
Sprinkled here and there midst Satan’s driving syncopation.

“To help inspire you,” they say, “We’ll put in God some zap,
By coming to you on your plane, we’ll help to bridge the gap.

We know of course, that most of you consider God as boring,
But if you’ll listen to our songs, you’ll soon find Him adoring.”

And like the devil’s crowd, some use high volume, lights, and smoke,
“While others say, “We’ll hold the crowds with stage antics and jokes.”

Then after songs with words that say, “We lift you up, oh, Christ”,
They flaunt their posters, t-shirts, pins—the brainwashed pay their price.

They quote the Bible for their gain, supposing gain is godly,
And as young souls slip into Hell, they pat their checkbooks fondly,

So has the church been mesmerized, by Satan rocked to sleep;
The fields are white, it’s harvest time, and who’ll awake to reap?

But very soon God will arise in righteous judgment fury,
There will be none to stay His hand, no case by trial and jury.

“You’ve tried to mix the white and black, your lives are gray,” says God;
“You’ve put My name to themes of lust, your feet has Satan shod.

You’ve sung another Jesus and a gospel that’s not true,
I’m not just love and mercy, I am wrath and judgment, too.

You’ve used My word to ravish souls and savagely deceive,
But, know that I, the Holy One, have not your songs received.

And thus have many been seduced and used for Satan’s goal,
I, God, am not the author of this thing called Rock ‘n’ Roll.”



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