I Need a Drink!

"You see, at one time I was a drunkard."… Are you too enslaved by an addiction you want to be freed from? Here is one first-hand account of one man whom Christ set free.

"I Need a Drink!"

If you are a person who drinks a lot, I'm sure you have said it. I too know what it is like to say, "I need a drink!" You see, at one time I was a drunkard. I did not start as a drunkard; I began with a bottle of beer. And because my friends had another drink, I took another drink also.

This was only the beginning. I did not become a drunkard overnight. But I did start to drink more and more. Finally it seemed like I had to have a drink to start out the day. So I would walk into the barroom and sit at the bar and say, "I need a drink." And I really did need it. I had come to the point where I could not function without having some strong drink in me.

Sometimes I would drive my car while I was in a drunken state. I was caught three times and put into prison. That kept me from drink for ninety days, but the moment I was out of prison, I headed for the first barroom I could find. I walked in and said, "I need a drink."

Eventually I became a bartender. Then I had booze around me all the time. I would drink from the moment I woke up in the morning until I went to bed at night. I usually had a bottle beside me when I went to bed, in case I woke up during the night. If I woke up, I would take a swig of bourbon so I could go back to sleep.

I was at the point where I consumed almost two fifths of bourbon every day. I could not work without drinking, or do anything else unless I had booze in me. When I went too long without a drink, I would start to shake. I went to my parents' home for a dinner one time and forgot to take a bottle of bourbon along. When it was time to eat dinner, I could not hold my fork or spoon. So they gave me coffee and a straw. I finally had to leave and go to a club where I could get some booze to calm my nerves. I really did "need a drink."

So, friend, I know what I'm talking about. And if you are like I was, you know what I'm talking about also.

"There Has to be Something Better than This"

One night I got up and looked in the mirror. My face was all puffed up, and my eyes were red. I thought, "There has to be something better than this."

I was at the point where strong drink had become a power greater than I. Alcohol ruled my life. It determined where I went, what I did, how I spent my money, and who my friends were. My whole life revolved around alcohol. While standing there looking in the mirror, I made up my mind to do something about it.

I had left my wife years before because of the drinking, but that night I called her and told her I was ready to go for help.

I went to a place in New Jersey where they worked with drunkards like me. I went there on November 5, 1973. I was not completely drunk when I got there, but I was beginning to shake. They asked me, "Do you want help?" I said, "Yes." They told me later that if I had said no, they would have sent me home because no one can really help a person with a drinking problem if he does not want help.

"I Committed my Life to the Lord"

The first few days, I walked around in sort of a daze. I could not eat. I had the shakes. I could not write home because I could not hold a pen. After two weeks, I began to dry out. I could talk and write and reason. The place where I went was a Christian place. They preached the Gospel and said that the only way to be delivered completely from the curse of strong drink was to believe on Jesus Christ and let Him take it away. It took me awhile, but finally I committed my life to the Lord on November 21, 1973. I have not had a drink since then.

"You Cannot Quit by Yourself"

Friend, it is possible for you to do the same thing. You cannot quit by yourself. You might quit for a while, but you will not really be delivered from strong drink. I no longer have a craving for drink. I am not tempted to go into barrooms when I drive past them. My wife and I are back together again. We are members of a church that preaches and practices the Word. We are happy.

Jesus also gave me victory over many other things. When we believe on Jesus Christ for salvation, He makes us "new creatures," or new creations. "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new" (2 Corinthians 5:17). We receive God's Holy Spirit. We begin to love what we at one time hated, and we hate what we at one time loved.

My life today is one of peace and joy—not just because I don't drink anymore, but because I know that if Jesus comes today, I will go to be with Him.

Had I died before November 21, 1973, I would be in a drunkard's hell today (1 Corinthians 6:10). I thank the Lord that He kept working with me until I came to Him. He did not have to do that, but He did.

"May We Help You?"

You should be thankful you are still here also. God has seen to it that you did not die before you read this. If you want to talk to someone to get help, please contact someone who can help you.

Friend, I know what it is to be drunk and broke and without friends. I always had friends when I had money, but when the money was gone, so were the friends. However, I can count on my Christian friends. I know they are my friends because they love me. And they love me because Jesus Christ loves them. He loves me too. And He loves you also. He died so we can have victory over sinful habits.

If you cannot find anyone, get a Bible and read the Gospel of John. The Bible is God's Word. If you do not have a Bible, contact someone that can help you.

May we help you? We want to if you will let us. May God bless you, my friend, as He has blessed me! He will do it, if you allow Him to.

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