Scenes From the Life of David Zeisberger

What does it mean to be a man of God? Come, take a peak into the life of David Zeisberger and see what it meant for him to be a spiritual man of God.

How does one squish eighty-seven years of a busy life into sixty pages?

He simply doesn’t!

This short booklet focuses upon a few scenes in which David Zeisberger was faced with a decision. At times, the decision seemed small, but it had eternal consequences, to say the least. Being a truly “spiritual” person is more than experiencing an occasional emotional blessing. Being a man of God is choosing, day by day, the Spirit over the flesh.

The chapter titles state in brief the decisions that David (or his parents, as in Chapter 1) faced. By consistently choosing the good and right, David Zeisberger was enabled to “leap over a wall,” as David the Psalmist once proclaimed. This is not to say that David
Zeisberger was a “perfect” man without a single fault. In spite of imperfections, we can learn from the good that others have accomplished.

The amazing story of David and his fellowlaborers is fast fading into oblivion. The accounts of these “mighty men” ought to inspire—not merely entertain—our children to sacrificial living.

I trust these scenes, and the choices that they represent, will be etched into your heart as you read. And may they motivate you to follow David’s example, as he followed the Lamb.

—Mike Atnip
July 5, 2005

Mike Atnip

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