The Road Back from Egypt

God told the Israelites not to go back to Egypt. But the things the Egyptians offered to Israel looked inviting. God doesn't want us to live in sin. But sometimes the things satan has to offer are tempting. How do I stay out of Egypt (sin)? How do I come back to God after living in sin?

  1. The Road Back from Egypt
    Jay Horst

The Israelites were being tempted to go back to Egypt. The Egyptian's had horses to offer them and Israel wanted them for their army. In Isaiah 30:1-7, God is warning them not to go back to Egypt. In Isaiah 31:1-3 He again warns them not to go to Egypt and put their trust in men and horses and chariots. 

God wanted them to trust completely in Him, but the things the Egyptians had to offer looked good to Israel. Israel imagined that what Egypt had to offer was for its own protection and good. In Isaiah 31:3 God warns them that whoever goes to Egypt shall perish with the Egyptians.

We can be like the Israelites as well. God wants us to fully trust him and not "go down to Egypt". He doesn't want us going to the world for what appears to be something satisfying. The world has nothing to offer that will satisfy. 

So why do people "go to Egypt"? 

  1. Some go out of Rebellion. They refuse to acknowledge God and submit to Him
  2. Some go out of Indifference. They really don't care about serving God.
  3. Some go simply because they don't know anything different.

Sometimes we find ourselves "in Egypt". We have turned to the world and satan for the pleasures they have to offer. How do we "return from Egypt" and come back to God?

  1. You need to turn around and "walk away from Egypt". You need to leave your sing behind. Go away from it.
  2. You cannot bring Egypt with you. You must let the things of the world behind.
  3. You must stop letting "Egypt" (Satan) control your life. Surrender to God and let Him have control.
    1. Isaiah 30:15-16
    2. Proverbs 3:5-7
    3. Isaiah 55:1-2
    4. Matthew 11:28-30
    5. Isaiah 31:17-19
  4. The Road back from Egypt is a walk of yieldedness. You must allow God to mold and refine you. You will need to say NO to the sins that try to Lure you. John 14:6



Jay Horst
Hope Mennonite Fellowship

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