Guidelines for the Christian Young Girl

A series of studies for young girls about how to build Christlike character.

Hello young lady. Life can be sweet. You are going from a teen girl to a young lady and there are responsibilities that will be required of you as you join the company of other young ladies.

You have the rest of your life ahead of you. Many of the things you do now and in the near future will have a bearing on the quality of your life.

Today people are dealing with undesirable situations because of decisions and choices they made in their youth.

Young womanhood can be a happy era of your lifetime. It is usually a time to enjoy good health, dreams for the future, and learning to socialize with peers.

Enjoy life; God meant for us to enjoy it. We are given life to learn about heavenly things and to allow Him to redeem us back into His fellowship. Children are innocent until they become old enough to understand God’s plan. As we come to an age of understanding, we must realize that all men and women are born with a sentence of condemnation to hell, unless something is done about it. I trust that by the time you are reading this book you already made the right choice. You are not ready for the following subjects unless you are prepared to die.

What is your life worth? To God you are important, worth more than anything in the world. It was worth the cost of His perfect and righteous son Jesus Christ. When God created man, He saw that man needs a helper to be complete, so He created a woman. He already had a plan of salvation for you, then worked His plan in the proper time. You have a birthright that you need to claim for yourself; it includes God’s will for you. Don’t sell your birthright for fun and pleasure. There are many blessings in following Godly principals and I promise you will never regret it.



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