Anabaptist Voice (Issue 11)

Championing a Faith That Works Anabaptist Voice is published quarterly and seeks to interpret Bible truth in a simple childlike way, and to apply Bible teaching to the lives of living saints in a practical manner.

Anabaptist Voice
  1. Anabaptists: A People of the Book
    Frank Reed

In this issue:

"The End of Medicine" - Reuben Zimmerman

"Victory over Death" - Ernest Strubhar

"Childlike Faith" - Menno Knight

"The Treasure in the Cave" - Elizabeth Wagler

"Taking the Kingdom by Violence" - Leonard Hartman

This issue of Anabaptist Voice expresses views/opinions that Anabaptist Resources does not share.   

We do not agree that Satan had the keys of Hades and death before Jesus died on the cross. Satan is doomed to Hell but not in charge of it, and never was in charge of Hell. See Page 5 of this issue and Page 9 of Issue 9.

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Anabaptist Voice
Anabaptist Voice
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